May 7, 2019

Happy Patients “The Joy That’s Coming”

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Nisha’s(anonymous name of the patient ) dream of motherhood seemed impossible — until she met Dr. Rimmi Singla. She already consults numerous doctors and fertility experts. It has been 5 years since Nisha married. Her family members were already asking her when she’d be expecting. Everyone wants to listen Baby sounds in her family. After getting three months treatment from Dr. Rimmi Singla,  Nisha gave birth to a baby boy.
Dr. Rimmi Singla says “It’s very critical case of adenomyoma removal, generally adenomyosis patients can expect higher incidents of pre-term labor and other high-risk obstetrics, and your doctor(IVF specialist) will follow you more closely, but our vast majority of patients have successful pregnancies with no issues at all.

Dr. Rimmi Singla (Senior Consultant Laparoscopic Surgeon at IVY hospital) performed laparoscopy surgery for adenomyoma removal. It was successful surgery and Nisha’s dream of motherhood fulfilled with the help of Dr. Rimmi Singla(Singla Mediclinic).

If you have been diagnosed with adenomyosis and want to find out more about uterine artery embolization procedure, make an appointment with Dr. Rimmi Singla by calling Singla Mediclinic/IVY Hospital at 91-9815500448, 9815550124.

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