November 5, 2019

Planning for a Baby? Facts you should know.

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Motherhood, it’s a role that shocks many women today and so, they put it on buffer till they feel they are ‘ready’. In fact, it isn’t just about mothers but also about fathers. Duos, particularly, urban, are buffering parenthood till many years even after they are wed. Because they feel that they essential to be prepared in every possible way, emotionally, psychologically, financially and materially, before adding a member to their family. Also, often parenthood has to make space through your life by stifling other areas like a career. This makes it a harder choice. But, is there a right timeline for having kids as per your health? You should re-evaluate your decision to have kids immediately / after five years.

Planning for a Baby? Facts you should know.

1. Tried for 1 year & yet not conceived a baby Y/N
2. Planning for 2nd baby Y/N
3. Wife’s age more than 30 yrs. Y/N
4. Obesity in husband or wife Y/n
5. PCOD or any other endocrine problem Y/N
6. Irregular period(wife) Y/N
7. Difficulty in having intercourse Y/N
8. History of diabetics & hypertension Y/N
9. Hereditary problems. Y/N

if any of your answers to the above is yes, it calls for urgent for fertility guidance.

How we can help

1. we help patient conceiving through various means
2. Natural ovulation study – monitor & plan your baby
3. Advance -IUI-simple customized short procedure.
4. Test tube baby-IVF & ICSI all procedures.

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