May 30, 2020

Corona Warrior Honour Certificate to Dr. Rimmy Singla

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The unpredicted coronavirus outbreak has not only carried forward a tragedy but also bravery that our frontline warriors like doctors have shown.
Doctors working around the clock to save the lives of those who have fallen ill with CoronaVirus. Dr. Rimmy Singla dedicated her life to healing the sick and saving lives, working relentlessly for a healthier world. Dr. Rimmy Singla received Corona Warrior Honour Certificate from Woman Power Society.
According to Dr Rimmy Singla, it’s exceedingly vital today to handle patients more observantly. From making sure the patients are well aware of the virus and its symptoms to instructing them about necessary precautions. “Educating citizens in a way that they understand is important,” she says.
Another huge challenge, Dr. Rimmy Singla said that is treating pregnant women, and those in delivery, because they have to go all out and make sure both the mother and the newborn are safe, no matter what.

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