January 20, 2020

Developing a Healthy Sexual Relationship

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Facing sexual problems at some point throughout your life can be seamlessly normal. While everyone’s sexual issues and sexual experiences can be different, it’s important to recollect that we can also face similar issues. If you are facing problems with sex, you may feel alone and helpless, or even uncomfortable, ashamed, or afraid. These are common things felt by people living with sexual dysfunctions. Feeling this way can lead to people waiting months or even years to search for help and support, as they are too frightened to discuss their doubts and experiences with others.

More complex problems can have a deeper, long-term outcome that could influence different areas of your life, relationships, and even sexuality.

Sex problems anyone might experience

  • Problems during or after sex
  • Age-related sex problems and concerns
  • Sex addiction
  • Loss of intimacy and relationship problems
  • Differing sex drives
  • Medical-related sex problems

 Female sex problems

  • Pain during sex
  • Orgasmic disorder
  • Loss of desire

Male sex problems

·      Premature ejaculation

·      Retarded/delayed ejaculation

·      Retrograde ejaculation

·      Erectile dysfunction 


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