November 23, 2021

Hair loss During pregnancy/ Causes of Hair Loss During Pregnancy

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Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful moments in every woman’s life. In these 9 months of the journey, Women experiences many changes in their body. Hair fall during pregnancy is also one of the major issues a woman faces in her life.  Some women experience hair loss in their pregnancy. If you are pregnant and experiencing hair loss, you may be wondering whether there is a connection.  Hair Loss early in pregnancy can be related to hormones, stress, or any other health issues. Women notice several changes to their hair during pregnancy. Some lose hair and some notice that their hair becomes shinier and stronger. This is caused by higher levels of estrogen which can stimulate hair follicles.

Hair Loss during pregnancy can also be a result of chronic health issues. Hair loss during pregnancy is very common. Hormonal changes and iron deficiency are the main causes leading to pregnancy leading to hair loss.

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