May 27, 2020

Renowned Fertility Specialist Dr. Rimmy Singla and IVF specialist Treating Endometriosis

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Dr. Rimmy Singla said that Generally, the women have 2 ovaries that produce female sex hormones and egg cells for fertilization with sperm in each month. ??

In the case of women being dissected on one side of the ovary due to various reasons, such as chocolate cysts or different types of ovarian cysts, the remaining ovaries are still responsible for producing female egg cells and hormones. ???

Therefore, able to become pregnant and have children naturally but the chance of becoming pregnant will be lower than women who have all two ovaries???

It is important to work with a fertility doctor having over more than 15 years of clinical experience diagnosing and successfully treating infertility caused by endometriosis through IVF. Dr. Rimmy Singla invites you to discover how she can help you to achieve your dream of having a baby.
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