November 18, 2020

How to Increase Fertility Naturally in Men and Women

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Infertility touches individuals of both the gender unfavorably. You need to be robust enough in terms of both mental and physical health to bear the consequences of infertility as it is not too easy to face this phase of life without being strong.

Tips for men to boost fertility:

In your diet add antioxidants that can be very beneficial for increasing your fertility. The sperm DNA is damaged in some men which makes them less fertile but by adding antioxidants in the diet, chances are less, that the DNA would be damaged.

  • Rising body temperature reasons sperm damage and that is why the scrotal temperature is always below the actual body temperature. Stay away from high temperatures for long, keep your laptop far, stops taking hot baths.
  • Being obese can cause infertility and thus you should try maintaining a healthy BMI for keeping your fertility on check.
  • Quit smoking and drinking.
  • Take healthy diets such as green vegetables, fruits, etc., and avoid junk food as much as you can.
  • Some medical issues like diabetes, STD, thyroid, anemia can be the reason behind reduced sperm motility or damaged sperm.


Tips for women

Include vegetable protein, dairy fat (a glass of milk), increase vitamin intake, and get a chart of such eatables which helps in increasing fertility.

  • Have frequent sex with your partner to increase the chances of fertility. A woman is maximum fertile in her ovulation period and thus, you need to do more sex to conceive during this period.
  • Reduce coffee, alcohol, tobacco, and other such harmful ingesting as they are responsible for lowering your fertility.
  • Stress decreases fertility by a greater extent, so try to be happy and stress-free as much as possible.
  • Check on your overweight issues as they can make you less fertile.
  • Checkout what medicines you consume as certain medicines contain constituents that might prove harmful for your fertile health.

The above-mentioned tips to increase men’s and women’s fertility can be of immense help for those who are facing fewer fertility issues!


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