March 11, 2020

25 the Annual ISAR Conference 2020 at Hyderabad

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25 the Annual ISAR Conference 2020 at Hyderabad. Silver Jubilee Congress Of Indian Society for Assisted Reproduction (ISAR)from 6th-8th March 2020, HICC Hyderabad India Hosted by Telangana Chapter of ISAR (TSAR)

Dr. Rimmy Singla participated as a Guest Faculty and speaker for the Scientific Program for the Role of PRP in thin endometrium/role of PRP Stem Cell therapy. She is also Panelist on reproductive endocrinology.

During the conference simulator-based training given by Dr. Rimmy Singla on OPU & ET(embryo transfer) Simulators.






Dr. Rimmy Singla said that PRP plays an active role in promoting endometrium proliferation, improving embryo implantation rate and clinical pregnancy rate for women with a thin endometrium. Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) has shown a valuable success in treating thin endometrium which is a reason for failed IVF in infertile women. PRP hidden development factors and rise the thickness of the endometrium and increase the quality of blood flow. Bone Marrow concentrate may have a potential role in treating Asherman Syndrome, Poor Ovarian Reserve, Oligospermia and non-obstructive Azoospermia. Due to which stem cells considered as potential new therapeutic agents for the treatment of infertility.

It offers a lot of hope for infertile couples, even to those who have lost their hope after multiple IVF treatments and for those with thin endometrium and poor ovarian reserve. The treatment makes use of autologous stem cell therapy, combined with freshly prepared Platelet Rich Plasma, which can reconstruct endometrial tissue in the vivo. A major differentiator in this new-age and innovative treatment is usage of adult stem cells identified in the highly regenerative human endometrium.

With stem cell therapy the genius, India’s renowned, pioneer Dr. Rimmy Singla(IVF Expert) says, “we nurture your dreams ? Becoming a mother is always a pricesless moment for a woman”. We at Singla Mediclinic provide the best #stemcelltherapyIndia #PRPtherapy #infertility treatment.

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