March 6, 2019

Ensure Pregnancy through Egg-freezing

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The role of the mother, giving birth to a child is considered a sense of completeness for many women in their life. In this regard, age plays a very important role in fertility and pregnancy. A woman’s fertility peaks in her early and mid-twenties, after which it starts declining.


Women are born with their unique life time supply of eggs, which is fixed and declines with age. When a woman reaches her late 30’s, the remaining eggs have less potential for fertilising and establishing a healthy pregnancy. The advanced egg age leads to increased risk of miscarriage and infertility. Beyond 35 years of age, a lot more eggs become genetically abnormal, leading to a failure of treatment, and hence there are high chances of abortion, congenital malformation.

A decline in fertility peaks at 20-25 years, it declines by 10% 25-30 years, by 30% at 30-35 and by 50% at 35-40 years.


The fecundity of women decreases gradually, but significantly from approximately 32 years and decreases more rapidly after 37 years, reflecting primarily as a decrease in egg quality.


An age increases, the risks of other disorders that may adversely affect fertility, such as leiomyomas, tubal disease, and endometriosis, also increases. Women with a history of prior ovarian surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, severe endometriosis, smoking, pelvic infection, or a strong family history of early menopause may be at an increased risk of having a premature decrease in the size of their follicular pool, and hence a decline in fertility.

Education and enhanced awareness regarding the effect of age on fertility is essential in counselling patients who desire pregnancy. if there is need to delay child bearing, you can go for embryo egg freezing through fertility preservation. This will ensure that when you decide to become pregnant, their healthy eggs can be fertilised clinically. Otherwise once age sets in, you will have to rely on egg donation. It is important to remember that the biological clock cannot wait, and you need to take a wise decision regarding pregnancy before it is too late, considering the factor of age the resultant physiological condition of your body.


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