July 2, 2019

Stem Cell Treatment Therapy for Azoospermia (Zero Sperm Count)

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Are you struggling with azoospermia? Is this complaint affecting numerous aspects of your life?
Men who don’t have sperm in their semen have a complaint called azoospermia. Azoospermia is the condition as a complete absence of sperm from the ejaculate for at least separates centrifuged semen samples. Azoospermia is also one of the most severe reasons for infertility in men.

Types of azoospermia:

Obstructive azoospermia – happens in 40% of the cases, when there is an obstruction in the ductal system; it stops the sperm to mix with the rest of the ejaculatory fluid
Non-obstructive azoospermia – found in 60% of cases and is produced by a problem in sperm production. This type is often the result of hormonal imbalances.

What Cause it?
The causes of azoospermia are divided into two categories: problems related to sperm production and problems with its transportation.
• An infection in your reproductive tract, like epididymitis and urethritis
• A childhood sickness such as viral orchitis, which causes swelling of one or both testicles
• A groin injury
• Chemotherapy and radiation treatments for cancer
• Genetic conditions, such as Klinefelter’s syndrome
• An obstruction in the tubes that carry sperm
• A vasectomy
• Reversing ejaculation, when semen goes into your bladder in its place of out of your penis

Stem Cell Treatment Therapy for Azoospermia

The revolutionary stem cell treatment offers significant results in certain cases of Azoospermia.
Stem cells are the body’s repair mechanism, having the ability to regenerate and the capability to develop limitless into different types of cells, such as germ cells (that undergo meiosis, which followed by cellular differentiation into mature gametes – sperm).
Stem cell treatment, also recognized as regenerative medicine, promotes the reparative response of diseased, dysfunctional or injured tissue using stem cells or their derivatives. The stem cell therapy for azoospermia consists in, among other procedures, several stem cell injections.
This recreating property of stem cells is applied to the treatment of degenerative diseases. Due to their universal presence & perfect regenerative capacity, stem cells have the potential to heal chronic diseases involving.

Benefits of azoospermia stem cell treatment

• Stem cells can regenerate develop limitless into germ cells
• Stem cell therapy has a low risk of complications.

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