May 19, 2020

Patient Testimonial recurrent miscarriage treatment from Dr Rimmy Singla ,Director Singla Mediclinic

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The patient felt emotionally devastated having suffered through four consecutive miscarriages. Thankfully, she found Dr. Rimmy Singla. After a series of treatments, we are thrilled to announce She is the mother of a beautiful baby boy!

Dr. Rimmy Singla said that recurrent miscarriages are devastating but there are assisted reproductive technologies that can help women. We provide the latest scientific evidence-based approach towards recurrent miscarriage patients. As our, every patient is completely unique in terms of their clinical issues hence dedicated consultations, targeted investigations, individualized treatment, and care plan are offered to every couple. We are dedicated to diagnosing and treating miscarriages and provide you with the highest chance of having a successful pregnancy outcome.
For recurrent miscarriage treatment in Mohali, please contact Dr. Rimmy Singla Director(Singla Mediclinic).
Singla Mediclinic offers the best stem cell treatment for male and female infertility in Mohali, India at affordable cost with better care. Reach us and avail the best.

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