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Oocyte/Egg Donation Program

Usually, egg donation is done when the woman’s eggs are of poor quality. Singla IVF Centre runs a Premium Egg Donation Program, with a large pool of high-quality donors and gives pregnancy rates good.

Couples may want to consider using donor eggs if they cannot be helped through other procedures. Donor eggs allow an infertile woman to carry a child, give birth and start a new family.

When to go for egg donation program?
If you are suffering from any of the following conditions, you can go for donor eggs-

  • Premature ovarian failure- It is a condition in which menopause has started much earlier than usual. It typically occurs before you become 40 years old.
  • Diminished ovarian reserve- It means that you have eggs that are of low quality. It can often be caused by age, as after 40, fertility drops off steeply.
  • Genetically transmitted diseases- In this case, chances are that disease could be passed on to your child. Any previous history of failure with IVF- You can go for donor eggs when your doctor thinks that the problem is due to the quality of your eggs.

What happens in the process of egg donation?

  • The procedure for egg donation and implantation is similar to standard IVF treatment.
  • The woman receiving the donor egg will need a course of hormone treatments. If she still has functioning ovaries, in such case, she’ll need estrogen and progesterone treatment in order to make her cycle coincide precisely with the donor’s.
  • Donor eggs can also be frozen for later use.

Advantages of using donor eggs-

  • The success rates for IVF using donor eggs can be higher when compared to regular IVF as donor eggs are taken from young and fertile women.