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Laparoscopy Surgery is a Procedure in which surgeries can be performed successfully with small incisions in a place open surgery of abdomen with large incisions. In this process, a laparoscope instrument is used which contains a high-resolution camera in its front and doctors can be able to see the functionality of your organs and diagnosis the exact problem. Through laparoscopy, the surgeries like removal of gallbladder stones, all kinds of Hernia surgeries, appendix, and many advanced laparoscopic surgeries can be performed.

Radiance Hospital Mohali (Chandigarh) provides the modern surgical treatment options for patients. Dr. Raman singla is the best laparoscopic surgeon in Mohali/ Punjab (Chandigarh). Dr. Raman Singla Offers the best Laparoscopic Surgeries at Radiance Hospital (Mohali).  Dr. Raman Singla treated the many Patients every day and provides them the best laparoscopic surgeries in Mohali. Dr. Raman Singla said that Laparoscopy surgery is the best and advanced option for patients with less pain and 100% fast recovery. Patients get discharge the same day and the very next day.  Dr. Raman Singla is the highly experienced and best laparoscopic surgeon in Mohali.  Get best laparoscopy surgery by the best laparoscopic surgeon in Mohali/Punjab for laparoscopy Cholecystectomy, all kind of Hernia Surgery, removal of gallbladder surgery from Dr. Raman Singla (Advanced Laparoscopic Surgeon).






Best Pregnancy Care and High-Risk Pregnancy Treatment

Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful feelings in a women’s life. A lot of changes you can experience in this journey. High-risk pregnancy happens when you have complications like high blood pressure, obesity, age, or a history of complicated pregnancies, recurrent miscarriages. Women under the age of 17 or over 35 are considered high-risk pregnancies. The risk factor increases after the age of 40. These complications can affect the mother or the baby or both.

Dr. Rimmy Singla is the best Gynecologist & obstetrician in Mohali at Radiance Hospital. Radiance hospital provides high-risk pregnancy care and treatments. According to Dr. Rimmy Singla pregnancy care is important for every woman and if she is in high-risk pregnancy the proper care and treatment is very important. Dr. Rimmy Singla gives you the proper medication and consultation according to your medical issues. She will give you all the necessary precautions that you have to follow when you are in high-risk pregnancy. Dr. Rimmy Singla offers advanced treatments for high-risk pregnancy cases according to your medical condition. From your healthy diet to maintaining sugar level Dr. Rimmy Singla will always be there for you to give you proper treatment. For More details contact us at 9882598802, 9815507974, 9878759828.


Laparoscopic Myomectomy Surgery at Singla Mediclinic

Radiance hospital/Singla Mediclinic has a Gynecology Laparoscopic Surgery Department with extensive experience in laparoscopic removal of FIBROMYOMAS .

Dr. Raman Singla Head of the Gynecology Laparoscopic Surgery Department and Dr. Rimmy Singla performed the surgery.


Myomectomy is a surgical procedure to remove uterine fibroids — also called FIBROMYOMAS , These common noncancerous growths appear in the uterus. Uterine fibroids usually develop during childbearing years, but they can occur at any age.

Why MYOMECTOMY it’s done?

You plan to bear children. Your doctor suspects uterine fibroids might be interfering with your fertility.
Fibroid symptoms. Heavy menstrual bleeding and pelvic pressure.


Dr. Rimmy Singla explains that Patient presented with Large Broad ligament uterine fibroid with primary infertility underwent Laparoscopic Myomectomy with us after being refused at multiple places. Referred to us by a renowned gynecologist from Nawanshahar.
Ureter defined, Uterine artery clipped at origin from Internal Iliac artery, preserving the ovary and fallopian tube.


After myomectomy surgery, most women experience relief of bothersome signs and symptoms, such as excessive menstrual bleeding and pelvic pain and pressure.


Women who undergo laparoscopic myomectomy, have good pregnancy outcomes within about a year of surgery. After a myomectomy, the suggested waiting time is three to six months before attempting conception to allow your uterus time to heal.

Dr. Raman Singla said that compared with women who have a laparotomy, women who undergo laparoscopy have less blood loss, shorter hospital stays and recovery, and lower rates of complications and adhesion formation after surgery.

Infertility of 12 years Patient Success Story

Patient Success Story: “By God’s grace and tremendous efforts of Dr. Rimmy Singla and her hardworking team, Our journey of parenthood has finally begun”.

Dr. Rimmy Singla thanks the patient for wonderful Thank You notes! She states that patient having infertility of 12 years and through ICSI conception in very first attempt. They are blessed with Baby Boy.

Blocked Fallopian Tubes

Join us for an exclusive Facebook live session featuring Dr. Rimmy Singla (Director Singla Mediclinic) Get all your queries related to Tubal block and different treatment management on Facebook live talk on 27 Nov at 1:00pm-2:00pm.

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Blocked fallopian tubes are not able to permit the ovum along with the sperm to integrate. Hence helping to make fertilization not possible.
These and many such queries are being solved by the IVF specialist Dr. Rimmy Singla Director Singla Mediclinic (Laparoscopy, IVF and fertility center.)
Dr. Rimmy Singla explained that blocked fallopian tubes are quite a common occurrence among most women. However, as mentioned above is curable, and those afflicted can also get pregnant with the help of procedures like IVF.


How to Increase Fertility Naturally in Men and Women

Infertility touches individuals of both the gender unfavorably. You need to be robust enough in terms of both mental and physical health to bear the consequences of infertility as it is not too easy to face this phase of life without being strong.

Tips for men to boost fertility:

In your diet add antioxidants that can be very beneficial for increasing your fertility. The sperm DNA is damaged in some men which makes them less fertile but by adding antioxidants in the diet, chances are less, that the DNA would be damaged.

  • Rising body temperature reasons sperm damage and that is why the scrotal temperature is always below the actual body temperature. Stay away from high temperatures for long, keep your laptop far, stops taking hot baths.
  • Being obese can cause infertility and thus you should try maintaining a healthy BMI for keeping your fertility on check.
  • Quit smoking and drinking.
  • Take healthy diets such as green vegetables, fruits, etc., and avoid junk food as much as you can.
  • Some medical issues like diabetes, STD, thyroid, anemia can be the reason behind reduced sperm motility or damaged sperm.


Tips for women

Include vegetable protein, dairy fat (a glass of milk), increase vitamin intake, and get a chart of such eatables which helps in increasing fertility.

  • Have frequent sex with your partner to increase the chances of fertility. A woman is maximum fertile in her ovulation period and thus, you need to do more sex to conceive during this period.
  • Reduce coffee, alcohol, tobacco, and other such harmful ingesting as they are responsible for lowering your fertility.
  • Stress decreases fertility by a greater extent, so try to be happy and stress-free as much as possible.
  • Check on your overweight issues as they can make you less fertile.
  • Checkout what medicines you consume as certain medicines contain constituents that might prove harmful for your fertile health.

The above-mentioned tips to increase men’s and women’s fertility can be of immense help for those who are facing fewer fertility issues!



The risk of having a baby with a chromosomal imbalance increases with the mother’s age, so Dr. Rimmy Singla may recommend PGS for older women. If you have recurrent miscarriages, you may also benefit from PGS. About half of all miscarriages are caused by chromosomal abnormalities, which can be identified with PGS.

When you’ve tried unsuccessfully to get pregnant and decide to undergo infertility treatment, there are many factors to consider. The same is true for pre-implantation genetic testing – it’s complicated. In this instance, your fertility specialist can help you discuss your options. Once your baby becomes a teenager, it’s also complicated – but then, you’ll be on your own!

Dr. Rimmy Singla has experience carrying out PGS, technique that detect genetic ailments and chromosomal abnormalities in embryos before they’re moved into the uterus. PGS technique is used to know whether the cells in an embryo comprise the normal number of chromosomes, which is 46. Subsequently an embryo raises in the lab, it is usually biopsied on day 5 (blastocyst stage). Some embryo cells are then sent to an exterior lab which uses technology to amount the number of chromosomes within each cell. Embryos with a standard amount of chromosomes are “euploid” and those with an abnormal number are “aneuploid.” The purpose of PGS is to avoid transferring an abnormal embryo into the uterus.

For any query, schedule a consultation with one of the best fertility specialist Dr. Rimmy Singla at Singla Mediclinic

LOW AMH Treatment at Singla Mediclinic


This is an indication that women’s ovarian reserve is rapidly declining thus might result in a condition of infertility if there are no eggs in ovarian reserve.


  • Irregular Periods
  • Stopping of periods
  • Missed Abortion
  • Difficulty in conceiving


Causes of Low AMH

Age: AMH Level starts declining with age as the ovarian reserve is down.

Medical History

History of hormonal disorders and medical conditions related to the reproductive system.


One of the biggest negative influencers on AMH levels causing infertility.

Vitamin Deficiency

Deficiency of Vitamin, especially Vitamin D affects fertility and AMH Levels.

Exemplary Fertility Assistance At Singla Mediclinic:

Singla Mediclinic is the most trusted fertility center in India offering a complete range of fertility treatments and ART (Assisted reproductive technologies) like IUI, ICSI, Egg donation, IVF, etc. Dr. Rimmy Singla Director Singla Mediclinic with their expert team of experts makes sure that the patient is treated with the utmost care and excellence. With a high track record of successful treatments and exceptional patient care, Singla Mediclinic has become synonymous with excellence and innovation in the field of infertility. If you are concerned about your fertility please book a preliminary appointment or speak to Dr. Rimmy Singla now on 9815500448.


Patient Success Stories:

Precious baby, the Patient was with very low AMH. Previous IUI failure at various other fertility centre’s. But conceived with us naturally with injections and medicines.

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What to do when you are suffer from Hernia

There is no alternative to surgery for the treatment of hernia. No medicine or other remedies can cure hernia. So, What type of surgery you want to prefer? Because of the advancement in technology, nowadays open surgery is diminishing. So, Laparoscopic surgery is becoming the first priority for Hernia surgery nowadays which is minimally invasive as well as low-risk procedure for the surgeon.

Why choose Laparoscopic Hernia Repair?
-Dr. Raman Singla will make multiple small holes instead of a large incision to introduce the instruments and introduce a mesh to strengthen the defect of the hernia.
– There will be fewer scars due to small incisions made during the surgery which is cosmetically better.
-Less painful procedure.
-The patient can go home early and return to his/her work within a few days after the surgery.
-Less chance of recurrence.
With all these benefits, Laparoscopic hernia repair is becoming the first priority of treatment.

Consult Dr. Raman Singla for advanced laparoscopic surgeries and recover fast. Less blood loss and tissue loss with keyhole incisions make it a #FasterRecoverySinglaMediclinic

Advanced Laparoscopic Surgeries :
1. Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy
2. Laparoscopic Hysterectomy
3. Laparoscopic Appendicectomy

Other Services Offered :
1. General Surgery
2. Painless Surgery for Piles & Hemorrhoids
3. Gastrointestinal Surgery
4. Abdominal Surgery
5. Thyroid Surgery
6. Breast Procedures & Surgery
7. Colorectal Surgery
8. Varicose Veins Surgery

Advanced Treatment for:
• Kidney Stones
• Ureteric Stones
• Blood in Urine
• Pain while passing Urine
• Urgency & Frequency in Urination
• Urinary Bladder Cancer
• Bed Wetting
• Kidney Cancer
• Prostate Cancer
• Sexual Problems

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